Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maple Cutting Board with Walnut Ends and Custom Drip Line.....

This custom cutting board is ready to be delivered to another excited client today. The beauty of the two different wood grains really compliment each other quite well.

This beautiful board was created out of Hard Maple with Walnut strips giving it an elegant style of its own. It measures out at 16 inches wide, 20 inches long, and 3/4 inch thick and comes with a custom drip line.

Both sides of the board were completed to give the client the choice of cutting meats on one side and vegetables on the other if they prefer.

The Walnut and Maple board ends were milled to create a crisp edge and then glued and biscuited to provide a strong joint. This also helps keep the board flat. I know this client will love and appreciate this project.

All cutting boards are coated with a food grade mineral oil to protect the surface. The oil should be applied lightly after each washing.

This photo shows the drip line requested by and created for this client.

Drip lines are handy for collecting any drippings you might have. It was cut with a 3/8 inch router bit and goes all the way around the top edge of the board.

The edges were also given a slight rounded over effect to remove sharp edges.

This photo shows the finger slots I created on each end.

They are added to the board to make it easier to pick up and also add to the distinct appearance of the board.

It fit perfectly. Not too big for the counter, but big enough that I can cut, push it off to the side and still have plenty of room to cut some more! It is even MORE beautiful in person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!........Dayna.....Columbia Falls, Mt...

....Now back to the shop for me with some much needed cleanup, organization, and preparing for the next projects. Future orders will take me into the realm of woodturning on the lathe, as well as the creation of some much requested travel size cribbage boards. Have a great day!

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