Saturday, January 21, 2012

Custom Birds Eye Maple Round Cribbage Board

This request is being made for a group of Navy Submariners to be given as a retirement gift. The lasered image is an impression of Neptune.  It was created by  Northern Lights Engraving on an Epilog laser machine.

It  was created using a circular design with 14 inch diameter and a four track layout.  Storage is provided with a slot on the back of the board.
Birdseye Maple was the wood of choice and really works up nice.
Once completed it was finished with a hand rubbed polyurethane coat.

Just because I have already been asked, I asked the client and this is the answer to the question on the bottom of the board.
Admiral Eugene Fluckey, he was a WW2 submarine captain that sunk the most tonnage out of all the US fleet and destroyed a train. A joke in the office when we get caught up in the bureaucracy is what would Fluckey do? Not worry about safety, having enough people or permission just go out and get the job done.
Now we all know.

Just back from the laser shop

Close-up of the Neptune logo and lettering they requested.

Just back from drilling and outlining the board.

The birds eye maple has been selected and glued up
This is the layout I created on the computer.

This is the logo I started with.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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