Sunday, December 14, 2008

Giant Lizard heading East....

The blizzard has passed and left in its wake chilly temperatures...brrr... thankfully the wood stove is heating away and the shop is warm..

This special request critter Christmas present says it has had enough of Montana and soon will be on its way to Wisconsin... I tried to tell it that Wisconsin was a lot like it is here, but it didn't feel like listening.

The lizard cribbage board is made out of dark walnut and is approximately 20 inches long and 13 inches wide. It has a two person track and was designed to be hung on the wall when not being used.

This is where Lizzie started its journey coming out of this 14 1/2 inch wide piece of walnut.

This is the initial raw wood cutout of the lizard of choice. You can't really tell, but it has patterns carved on the center of the back and also on the front legs.

This is after sanding of the board is complete and the gloss polyurethane has been applied. The rich grain pattern of the walnut really adds to the look. This photo was taken on a different camera with different lighting and backdrop giving it a different appearance.

And finally the track is now drilled, along with a game counter on the rear right leg. The next step is to do a final sanding and then apply the final coat of hand rubber poly. After that prepare it for it journey to the land of cheeseheads.

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