Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Cribbage boards/ Cutting Boards/Pizza Peels in progress.................

Custom Edge-grain Cutting Board
Maple/ Hickory strip cutting board or commonly called an "edge-grain cutting board."
This board was created by ripping pieces of 5/4 maple and hickory into strips and then flipping the strips, then gluing the face to face surfaces of the original boards. This gives a much more stable level end product, not to mention a nice attractive cutting board.

This Custom four person cribbage board was created out of hard maple. It was further personalized by lasering a clients business name on the front surface.

On the back it was also personalized by lasering the new owners name and the year.

The silver strip on back is a routed dovetailed slide to hold the cribbage pegs.

This mahogany Pizza Peel was created for a client who was building a new home with a nice wood fired pizza oven.
It has a 12 inch paddle and a 9 inch handle. I laminated a separate piece of mahogany onto the handle and 1/2 ways down the peel to provide additional support.

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