Thursday, September 24, 2009

Large Hard Maple Lazy Susan..................Delivered and Loved

This large Lazy Susan will be used to place condiments and serving plates on for many years to come. It was recently delivered to its new owners and received welcoming raves by them. They were very pleased with the end product.

The top will be a 23 inch diameter circle with a metal mechanism attached to a smaller 13 inch base. This photo shows the top being glued and clamped.

This is the top board with the clamps off and after being cut out using a CNO router.

This is the base which will be attached using the metal bracket below.

Here is the top after being sanded and awaiting the first coats of poly. Polyurethane was used to allow it to be cleaned in case food was spilled on it while being used.

This is a 12 inch metal fitting to allow the top to turn. It has stainless steel ball bearings inside a sealed unit. It must first be attached to the base and then two holes were drilled to allow access to screw positions on the top part.

This is a side view that shows the height of it and the metal bracket between the two.

And here is the final product with it polyed surface.

This was picked up by the client and they loved the fact that a need was met. They had looked everywhere for a lazy susan this large and had been unable to find one this size until meeting me at a local Arts show.
I am sure this will grace the table of many family/friends gatherings and will serve them well for years to come.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pair of Hard Maple in counter cutting boards have shipped.....

I am creating two large cutting boards which will slide into the counter top when finished.

They are being created out of hard maple and will be 24 inches long, 23 1/8 inches wide and 3/4 inches thick. There is a finger slot being cut into each end on opposite side to enable to client to pull the board out to use.

Multiple clamps and boards are used in gluing to ensure the boards dry level while being joined.

These boards are in the first glueup phase and are proceeding nicely.

On each of the the ends I will now glue and biscut a board the opposite direction to help stabilize the board. This is also where the finger pull is placed.

Board one after food grade mineral oil has been applied...

Board two after food grade mineral oil has been applied... The boards have been completed and are on there way to Minnesota

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post updates........

I will continue making regular posts once my new software arrives for processing photos. Thanks Microsoft for being so user friendly....and making older software so incompatible with new operating systems.

Back to the shop for me...... Thanks have a great day :-)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 at 0909

Welcome to this numerically special day(?)

Sorry for the lack of posting here in a few days. Had my main computer decide that it was tired and didn't want to work right. So needless to say I have been structuring a new laptop and organizing and streamlining it. Moving old files and reloading software is a very time consuming process, but a very necessary one. I still have a lot to go, but I am heading back to the shop and continuing on with current projects. All clients awaiting projects will be updated here soon.

Thank you for your understanding - Splinters

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Giant Dark Walnut Cribbage board.....

Here is a giant Dark walnut cribbage board which was recently delivered to its new owner.

It was around 32 inches long, 9 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches thick.
I routered a slot on the back to hold the custom metal pegs that came with the board.

The grain in this board as you can see was really nice and loved by the client. It was given to him as a birthday present from his wife.

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