Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Custom LARGE 6 person Cribbage Board

I received this inquiry for a very large 6 person  cribbage board. The client explained that he volunteered at a senor center in his area.  There were six older gentlemen (80-90's) who played cribbage on a daily basis, but had to play on several tables on smaller boards. He wanted them to be able to play at one table at the same time.  So off I went to my computer to lay out this board.  I am not sure how they intend to play six person cribbage.  Perhaps they will play several games at the same time on the one board.  It is a social time for them and the talking is most likely as important as the game.

Once the tracks were made on the computer they then were burned into MDF for further transfer to a metal template.
This photo shows the metal template on the left and the MDF on the right to be drilled.

Here is the board I glued up to use for this project. Per the client request I used an inexpensive wood.
It is 24 inches wide and 36 inches long and made out of a local fir/larch wood.
I do not typically  recommend this type of wood for a cribbage board because of the softness of the wood., however in this case it fulfilled the needs of the client.

This is the board as it nears completion.  The edges need to be routered and the final coat needs to be applied.  The board will be shipped early this week.

I think it will provide many hours of enjoyment to all who sit around this board.

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