Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Custom 28 inch Pizza peel resumes...........

After a brief delay by the client work has resumed on this giant pizza peel. It is another large peel and will be used to create 28 inch super pizza.
The boards are in the glue-up stages and I hope to have it ready to ship soon.

These large peels are very time consuming and labor intensive to make. With the increased prices of wood, prices for these large pizza peels are undergoing a cost evaluation and prices will have to be adjusted accordingly. I will do everything in my power to keep the cost down if possible.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Custom Artisan Bread Board ready for bread dough.................

With each pieces of this wood I work with the grain just seems to come alive when the food grade mineral oil is applied.

With this board I made the adjustment on the front lip as the client requested. It now has a sharp bevel to be able to easily slide under the bread.

This board is around a 12 inch square paddle with a 6-7 inch handle and is around 3/8 inch thick. Very light weight and easy to handle. It is used to shape the loaves on and slide them onto the hot stone which is pre-heated in the oven and remove them from the oven.

I am really pleased with how these are turning out and I have several more cut out awaiting to be glued up.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work has began on several new Glacier National Park Cribbage Boards.................

I have been working on creating some new designs using this lasered shot of the map of Glacier National Park.

Once the file was vectored it was turned into a jpeg that the laser machine could understand. I wanted to be able to laser a photo of it on boards and I wanted an outline which would allow me to cut out a shape of the park.

The map highlights some of the major features that are in Glacier National Park:

The continental divide that runs north and south through the park. The Going to the Sun Road that cuts across the park.

You can also see a number of the lakes that are there:
Lake McDonald, St Mary, Two Medicine, Swift Current, Kintla, Bowman, Quartz, and Logging.

The same logo was lasered on a cutout shape of Montana, approximately where it is located in the state,

This will have a cribbage board track drilled on the bottom of the board, a storage slot on the back and a keyhole slot if someone would want to hang it on the wall.

The lasered jpeg will also appears here on another style of cribbage board. This board is a maple with a strip of walnut.

This board will have a different track layout and can be made into a box style cribbage board.

This is a larger version of the jpeg without the lakes and road.
Glacier National Park lettering will be lasered with the option of also having a personal photo someone might like.
The metal template on the right is what I use to create consistent track layouts. Once the holes are drilled the template will be removed.

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Custom Hard Maple Cutting Boards heads out to new home........

This custom cutting board was created out of one piece of hard maple.

It was hand finished using a food grade mineral oil to preserve the wood and enhance the beauty of the wood.

The board measures in at 3/4 inch thick, 9 1/2 inches wide x 18 1/4 inches long.

This board also comes with a routered 3/8 inch drip line around the edge to catch water or juices depending on what is being cut.

This wedding present is on the way to its new home in Missoula, Montana. The proud new owners were very excited to receive this custom creation and will create many wonderful meals using their new board..

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