Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work has began on several new Glacier National Park Cribbage Boards.................

I have been working on creating some new designs using this lasered shot of the map of Glacier National Park.

Once the file was vectored it was turned into a jpeg that the laser machine could understand. I wanted to be able to laser a photo of it on boards and I wanted an outline which would allow me to cut out a shape of the park.

The map highlights some of the major features that are in Glacier National Park:

The continental divide that runs north and south through the park. The Going to the Sun Road that cuts across the park.

You can also see a number of the lakes that are there:
Lake McDonald, St Mary, Two Medicine, Swift Current, Kintla, Bowman, Quartz, and Logging.

The same logo was lasered on a cutout shape of Montana, approximately where it is located in the state,

This will have a cribbage board track drilled on the bottom of the board, a storage slot on the back and a keyhole slot if someone would want to hang it on the wall.

The lasered jpeg will also appears here on another style of cribbage board. This board is a maple with a strip of walnut.

This board will have a different track layout and can be made into a box style cribbage board.

This is a larger version of the jpeg without the lakes and road.
Glacier National Park lettering will be lasered with the option of also having a personal photo someone might like.
The metal template on the right is what I use to create consistent track layouts. Once the holes are drilled the template will be removed.

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