Monday, January 25, 2010

Custom 6 person Cribbage Board

This board is another special order and has specific guidelines for the layout.  It will measure 26 inches square and be made out of  hard walnut.

The client has been playing cribbage for over 60 years and has a group of folks that they play with on a regular basis, therefore the reason for the six person board.

The photo is based on the requests made by the client.  The board is broken down into 4 sections each one with it's own label: 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, and 4th Street totally the standard peg holes of 121.

Each track is assigned a number and will have gold colored engraved lines on both sides of tracks to ensure it is easy to enable the player to stay on their own track.  The pegs will be stored in the box on top.  The $Games$ counter is for them to keep track of the money being won or lost.

This photo is the layout I created based on input from my client.  I  used the computer software CorelDraw to do this drawing.

Once it is formatted I will use a ShopBot CNC router to drill the holes, router the guidelines and do the lettering on the board.

They liked the design so much on this board the client also wants me to work on a four person board with the lines all being inlayed.

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Scott Morrison inspired Custom Rocking Chair continues...Part 4

Recently I was able to visit with the designer of the Montana Rocking Chair,  Scott Morrison in his shop in Columbus, Montana.  The Dvd's and templates for this project were purchased through Scott's website and were well put together.

 It was a great experience to talk and spend time with Scott. Through his humble demeanor, enthusiasm,  openness to questions and the love for our craft,  Scott  made me feel like I had known him forever.  In addition, being able to actually see and touch the jigs and templates he uses was beyond anything I could ever have expected. 

The short story is I learned much more than I expected.  Through our conversation  it seems like I am interpreting his plans pretty much like they were intended,  but I have a lot to learn.    Scott willingness to share his knowledge is a resource and bonus I had not expected.

It was more than worth the time spent, the drive there, the knowledge shared and the making of a new friend.  I am excited to get back in the shop and continue this project.
My deadline is moving right along,

Thanks Scott.....

Before I left for this trip I managed to get the following pieces cut out.

This photo shows the rear legs cut out of the dark walnut.

These will be the arms for this large rocker.

This is the beginning of the seat. It is roughly 21 x 22 inches and 1 3/4 inches thick.

The notches here will be where the rear legs will go.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scott Morrison inspired Custom Rocking Chair continues...Part 3

Here are the boards I have selected  for the seat and the headrest. Now the seat boards have to edged, squared and cut to size.  After that the corners where the back legs go will be cut out and then biscuited and glued.

The board on top of the seat will become the headrest once we get to that point.

Picking the wood for grain direction and color is a fun and challenging process, and very necessary function.

This is the back legs wood chosen and marked out on the board. This is an important section because most of the weight of the chair and the person has to be supported by it. It was important to select as straight of grain as possible. I got lucky here and could cut both rear legs out of the one wide piece I was able to get.

The next step is to cut them out on the band saw.....then select the wood for the front legs and arms. After that I will start cutting the wood for the making of the spalts for the back support...then the wood for making the rockers....more about that as I move on......

Opps...I just realized that in creating this entry I somehow deleted the last post I did on the rocker. dang I hate when that happens......I will see if I can recreate it some how....   :-)

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Scott Morrison inspired Custom Rocker ......Part 2

I will briefly try and recreate this post, which got deleted somehow as I was creating another post. : -(

One of the first steps is to transfer all the paper templates to pieces of MDF so they can be used to cut out all the parts needed to build this rocker.
This is a layout of what I have to make.

This seat template will allow me to layout the area I need to carve out and the outside shape.

Arm Templates

Rear legs

I know this is missing part  of the original post, but can't figure out exactly what is missing. So I will stop here and get on with the next steps....

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cribbage boards for sale page has been updated.........................

Please check out my updated in stock Cribbage Boards for sale page. Thanks Splinters

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years......

From our New Years front yard to yours.....

A big thank you to all my clients, friends and family who have helped make 2009 a great year.

We are looking forward to 2010 being a great year for everyone.... Look for new and exciting things coming from Splinters Woodworks.


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