Monday, January 25, 2010

Custom 6 person Cribbage Board

This board is another special order and has specific guidelines for the layout.  It will measure 26 inches square and be made out of  hard walnut.

The client has been playing cribbage for over 60 years and has a group of folks that they play with on a regular basis, therefore the reason for the six person board.

The photo is based on the requests made by the client.  The board is broken down into 4 sections each one with it's own label: 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, and 4th Street totally the standard peg holes of 121.

Each track is assigned a number and will have gold colored engraved lines on both sides of tracks to ensure it is easy to enable the player to stay on their own track.  The pegs will be stored in the box on top.  The $Games$ counter is for them to keep track of the money being won or lost.

This photo is the layout I created based on input from my client.  I  used the computer software CorelDraw to do this drawing.

Once it is formatted I will use a ShopBot CNC router to drill the holes, router the guidelines and do the lettering on the board.

They liked the design so much on this board the client also wants me to work on a four person board with the lines all being inlayed.

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