Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scott Morrison inspired Custom Rocking Chair continues...Part 5

Here is the first dry fit of joints together.....Starting to look like a chair......a little bit .....

Woo hoo...Sorry It doesn't take much to excite me these days....   :  - )

Tomorrow I begin cutting the 1/8 inch strips of wood which will be glued up in a jig to make the spalts.  After that I start grinding the seat out.......

The mortises slots cut for the spalts in the seat.  I created a layout in CorelDraw and used a Shopboc CNC router system to cut the mortises.

Seat boards in glueup.............

Dado's in rear legs. The seat will fit in to these and each lip will provide support for the person in the rocker.

This is the jig that will help me cut the dado's in the read legs.

This is the seat with the notches cut out for the rear legs and the dado's cut for the front legs.

This is the rear legs cut to shape and squared for attachment to the seat.  I have just completed the jig to cut the dado's for them.  There will be two dado's cut on the leg.  One on the front and one on the side which will provide a support lip for the seat once it is in place.

This is the front legs in place with the dado's

this is the front view of the front legs and the lap  joint which was cut using the dado's.

more views of front leg joint

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-)

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