Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scott Morrison inspired Custom Rocking Chair continues...Part 7.....UPDATE

Well the clamps did come off and I sanded and shaped all the splats.  Then I decided to spend the rest of the day sanding areas that would be covered up once I glued more.  It will allow me to have a more even sanding job.  Tomorrow the headrest will get mortised and the splats cut to length..  We will see how the rest of the day goes.....  Cheers!!!

Today.... These clamps come off and the arms will be be doweled, glued, and screwed on....  

The splats will be further shaped to match the mortises in the seat and then mirrored to the headrest.

Here the legs have been shaped with a bevel and now are being glued and clamped.....

Prior to the glueup 1/2 inch holes were drilled into the top and bottom of the front legs and the bottom of the rear legs for the attachment of the arms and rockers.
The tops of the front legs were given a 10 degree bevel to position the arms at the correct angle.

The white board at the top of the back is only a spacer to help align the back legs.  It will be replaced with the headrest, which will be mortised to hold the top of the spalts once it has been centered to match the seat.

Somewhere in that process I will begin cutting the strips which will make up the rockers.

Here is a jig I created to hold the back splats while they were being sanded, edged, and sized to go into chair back mortises.

Once the splats came out of the form they had to be planed to the proper width to match the mortises and also rounded over on the edges.

They will be cut to length to match the desired height of the headrest.

Once installed they free float in the mortises to allow for flexibility and movement.

Back splats fresh out of the forms and awaiting their turn in the process.

They are 3/8 inch thick, 1 3/8 inches wide, and over three feet long.  The splats were created by laminating three 1/8 inch strips on a form to give me the lumbar bend that is needed.

Once the headrest is positioned the lengths will be adjusted as needed.

If you would like to see what Splinters is doing on this project right now go to the live Shop webcam.  Webcam is operated when work is being done in the shop.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-)

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