Monday, April 28, 2008

Beautiful Northwest Montana

It is great to be back home once again....The big city is a nice place to visit..but not convinced I would want to live there again...
I am in the process of unpacking and sorting and getting the shop orders rolling once again...will post a longer blog tonite about the trip and experiences therein...Hope your day is good to you...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wet and Wild Seattle,Washington

Well this entry is coming to you from WET and Green Seattle Washington.. The flowers are begining to bloom...the Rhubarb is ready to cut and the trees are starting to leaf out(pollen...yuk)
We made the trip over the mountain peaks to help out a family member who is going through cancer treatment. Hopefully things will go well...but only time will tell...It has been a hectic week so far, with a doctor appointment today.
I guess I forgot why it is so green here...hmmmmm it has rained most of the time we have been here....
I am quickly reminded how spoiled I am to live in Northwest Montana in the middle of no where...The traffic here is non-stop...well actually that is not true....sometimes it comes to a complete stop and you sit there on a major interstate....guess I forgot...gas is $3.41 (Costco) upward with $3.75 the highest I have seen.....I am not sure I could live in this type of environment....lots of people everywhere.....I know I would adjust...but....give me fresh air and non chorinated water......Hard to understand how people survive here because of the cost of living...The number of street folks is heart wrenching to see....very sad.....Lots of "haves" and lots of "have nots" with not a lot of in between...SAD

Other than seeing family members the one great thing about coming here is multiple opportunities to visit large woodworking stores.....that is dangerous...I am like a kid in a candy store.......!!!!! Walking into a Woodcraft store is unbelievable....anything and everything one could possibliy need/want is right there for you to touch...very dangerous...but I will try and behave......

will try and post some photos later on if there is enough light and I dry out...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Custom Finger- Jointed Walnut Box

Creating a box that is simple, but unique, and also beautiful, as well as protective, has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I am thrilled to have taken on this project.

To be a part of this creation, which will be used to display and protect an antique family heirloom is special.
Life is a journey and this has been an enjoyable part of that process.

In planning out this project I decided to use finger joint construction on the corners because I felt it would add to the look and feel of the box. Not to mention it would also provide exceptional strength in the corner joints and additional protection. (The color difference between the first two photos is because the finger-joint photo is still the raw wood and the other photo is after I have began applying the finish coats.) I am very pleased in the end result.
The size of the box was determined using the measurements of the platter that would be stored inside.(1 1/2" x 13" x 15")

The top proved to be the most challenging. Hand selecting the right grain pattern and coloring caused me to look through a lot of boards before I found ones that I thought worked well together.

Matching the grains and colors I think worked out well. The color will only get richer looking as time passes.
The top of the box has been laser engraved with a customized celtic cross and the words "Ardara, County Donegal" below it.

The laser engraving was done by Blue Dragon LLC in Columbia Falls, Montana using an Epilog Laser. As you can see this process creates a very detailed sharp image.

For the inside of the box I wanted to create a foundation which would display the platter as well as protect it. Using a high density foam padding I created a pocket to hold the platter and then covered the foam with a nice material.

I suppose the real test will come when the client places the platter in the box for the first time. Hopefully all the measurements I worked with will perfectly cradle it and protect it for many years to come.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring in Northwest Montana (well sort of)..Continued

Here is the little guy I was trying to show before. the past few days have caused him to burst forth. What a happy guy!

These next two photos are not real clear and I will try and get some clearer ones today when the sun gets high enough. I had been slowly moving the snow and yesterday I brushed away the top crust and these guys were blooming away under several feet of snow. They are blue and yellow in color. I know there are more out there somewhere. With all the snow left..can I wait for it to melt? hmmm guess we will see.... Rather amazing and exciting..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Deschutes Brewery Cribbage Boards...completed

This project was created for the Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon.

They wanted a cribbage board which would promote their business and the game of cribbage. I am honored they chose Splinters Woodworks to work on this project with them.
This board can only be obtained by contacting the Deschutes Brewery. When you contact them, tell them Splinters sent you.

As you can see this board is in the shape of the Deschutes Brewery beer bottle using their company logo label.
These boards were created out of a local pine by request, with a two person cribbage track drilled around the edges of the bottle and a game counter in the neck. Red and black pegs rounded out this board.
This board can be adjusted to any type of wood, any size board, and either a 2, 3, or 4 person track.
To remain consistent the bottles were cut out using a Shopbot CNC router system using a provided photo, which had been converted to the proper format.

The Deschutes logo was laser engraved by Blue Dragon LLC in Columbia Falls, Montana using an Epilog Laser. This process creates a very detailed sharp image.

Any use of any copywrited logo must have written permission from the owner.

This photo shows the slot I created on the back of the boards to store the cribbage pegs.

The cover has dovetailed edges to allow it to slide in and out of the slot.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Going to the Sun Road opening 2008

The crews have began the trek up and over the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National park. This is an annual event which begin the first week of April and they typically make it to the top sometime in May depending on snow cover. This has been a heavy snow year...and due to road repairs they are saying that the road will not open before sometime in mid June. Guess we will see....without a wet warm spring that is a aggressive estimate...As I get more photos I will post them....Now back to the shop to check the poly coatings on my cribbage board order. Have a great day!