Sunday, February 22, 2009

5th Annual Darby O'Brien Cribbage Tournament....UPDATE....

Following received after delivery of custom cribbage board....


It is wonderful! The printing did turn out nice. Thank you so much. Don't be surprised if I ask you for another one - sooner than I did this one. Thanks again.


Splinters is honored to have been chosen to create this special cribbage board for this tournament.

It is made out of hard maple and is in the shape of the State of Montana.

It is roughly 9 inches wide x 15 inches long. It is a three person board and has storage on the bottom for the set of custom metal pegs that comes with this board. There is also a keyhole on the back in case they would like to display it on a wall.

The photo of the grizzly cub was taken in the Many Glacier Valley of Glacier National Park by Bob Chinn. Using a Epilog lasering machine the photo was burned into the wood by Blue Dragon LLC in Columbia Falls, Mt. As you can see the clarity of the photo really comes out as well as the lettering.

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Custom Artisan Bread Board Is Big Hit........

Aside from making a little adjustment on the front lip of this board, my client really liked her board and as a matter of more orders for me.

To me that is the best form of advertisement, to have a client sell your product to other folks. Although, I am sure she would say the product sold itself....I think her excitement had something to do with it. Thanks!!!

Therefore, more wood is being worked into forms to create wonderful Artisan bread.
But first...
Just talking about the bread and having the mouth water thinking about it I am off to the kitchen to work on some great wheat loaves right is so simple I will be back in the shop very soon.

The grain pattern of this coastal maple used in this project really popped when I applied the food grade mineral oil after it was scraped and fine sanded. The front lip of the board will be sanded down to create a thin front to assist in moving the bread on and off the board.

This board is around a 12 inch square paddle with a 6-7 inch handle and is around 3/8 inch thick. Very light weight and easy to handle. It is used to shape the loaves on and slide them onto the hot stone which is pre-heated in the oven.

I am really pleased with this and sure it will be a hard one to keep on the shelves....

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Custom 28 inch Pizza peel for Nana's & Papa's Pizzeria in Illinois continues.......

You can almost taste the great pizza's that will be cooked on this giant peel.

Shaping of the back board and preparing the edges for gluing is moving forward on this one. You will notice that I have started beveling the center board, which will also be the handle.

In this peel I chose to use a solid board to create the handle, instead of laminating a backer board to the peel handle as I have in previous creations.

My thoughts are, by using a solid board as the center and the handle it will give some added strength in hoisting these giant 28 inch pizza's.

The location of where to place the wooden biscuits have been chosen and marked.
The next step is to rout the slots and then glue and clamp up. This takes some time because of the size of this board.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Custom signs for Pizzaiolo Bavaro .........

Where do I go? Custom signs will soon announce which door to go into at Pizzaiolo Bavaro's.

(Meaning Mens)

Designed to blend in with the rest of this classy pizzeria, these signs will most likely set a trend that others will follow.
Created out of full dimension elegant mahogany these signs will add to the atmosphere and provide a function at the same time.

(meaning Womans)

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Custom Artisan bread board continues........

You can almost smell the bread baking as this board gets closer.....
Sanding and shaping this board has went well.
I had never worked with Coastal Maple before and I wasn't sure how it would work out. However, it is coming along very nice and I am sure my client will be pleased.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Custom Artisan bread board begins.....

Bread photo provided byThe baking of fresh bread generates a wonderful mouth watering smell in any home it is made in. Learn more and make your own...

Make sure to order your own custom bread paddle from Splinters Woodworks.

To make the process easier I am creating a custom paddle to work the dough and prepare it for placement into the oven also using the paddle it was molded on. My client is patiently awaiting the creation of her new bread paddle.

Here is the pile of selected coastal maple lumber which I chose to create this peel. Typically I use the same birch I use in pizza peels, however when I saw this wood I knew I had to try it out and see how it works. Coastal maple is a faster growing wood and therefore does not have the grain tightness found in typical hard maple. The difference will make this paddle lighter and easier to use.

The full one inch dimension lumber was resawed (by Don at Highline Doors) into approximately 3/8' thickness, and then, the individual boards are cut to width and length to make up the final size board desired.
This particular board will hopefully end up with a 12 inch x 12 inch paddle and a 7 inch handle.

The edges have been prepared and boards squared up.
The glue has been applied and the clamps are in place. It will be allowed to set overnight in these clamps and tomorrow the shaping process will begin.

As you can see I use a lot of clamps. I try and give the boards every opportunity to get a good flat strong glue job. The boards are clamped from side to side to bond the boards together. I then place strips of hardwood on top and bottom of the boards and clamp them to ensure the boards glue joints dry in a flat stable manner.

The clamps are off and the board is being laid out..

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Custom 28 inch Pizza peel started for Nana's & Papa's Pizzeria in Illinois

Watch the growth of another custom peel take place. Typically the layout and thought process is a slow one. The large 28 inch pizza's which will be created on this peel are anxiously awaiting it arrival.

Here is the pile of selected birch lumber which I chose to create this peel.

The full dimension lumber has been resawed into 3/8' board thickness to create the peel.

Then the individual boards are cut to desired width and length.

This peel will end up with a 28 inch x 28 inch paddle and a 20 inch handle.

When selecting and laying out the pieces I try and either match the grain pattern

or create contrasting patterns depending on the wood I have to work with.
It is important that the boards are laid out correctly to avoid warping of the peel. Therefore I try and alternate the direction of the grain to create a counter balance.

The handle and center board is left at full 1 inch thickness to provide extra support when handling these monster pizzas. The bottom edges will be rounded over and flow into the rest of the paddle.

I took this photo to show the actual width of this peel. The little outside wood strips is a jig i created to monitor the peel width.

(Select photo for larger view.)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Solid Maple Cutting Boards are heading to California....

These are the two finished cabinet cutting boards. They were created out of one inch thick hard maple.

The breadboard ends were added to give the heavy boards a little added uniqueness and biscuits were glued in the joint for extra strength.

In the under side of each opposite ends I routed in fingergroves to assist in pulling the boards in and out of the cabinet.

The boards were hand sanded to a ultra smooth surface and finished by applying a food grade mineral oil.

The following care instructions are included in each board we create.

We highly recommend oiling your cutting board frequently using a food grade mineral oil.
Over time oiling will preserve and protect wooden ware from splitting and cracking.
Wash your board with a mild detergent,not allowing it to soak.
Dry your board and apply an even amount of a safe food grade mineral oil with a soft cloth. Remove any excess oil.
Do not use any kind of vegetable or olive oil as they tend to turn rancid.

Your cutting board is not dishwasher compatible.

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