Friday, February 6, 2009

Solid Maple Cutting Boards are heading to California....

These are the two finished cabinet cutting boards. They were created out of one inch thick hard maple.

The breadboard ends were added to give the heavy boards a little added uniqueness and biscuits were glued in the joint for extra strength.

In the under side of each opposite ends I routed in fingergroves to assist in pulling the boards in and out of the cabinet.

The boards were hand sanded to a ultra smooth surface and finished by applying a food grade mineral oil.

The following care instructions are included in each board we create.

We highly recommend oiling your cutting board frequently using a food grade mineral oil.
Over time oiling will preserve and protect wooden ware from splitting and cracking.
Wash your board with a mild detergent,not allowing it to soak.
Dry your board and apply an even amount of a safe food grade mineral oil with a soft cloth. Remove any excess oil.
Do not use any kind of vegetable or olive oil as they tend to turn rancid.

Your cutting board is not dishwasher compatible.

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