Sunday, February 22, 2009

Custom Artisan Bread Board Is Big Hit........

Aside from making a little adjustment on the front lip of this board, my client really liked her board and as a matter of more orders for me.

To me that is the best form of advertisement, to have a client sell your product to other folks. Although, I am sure she would say the product sold itself....I think her excitement had something to do with it. Thanks!!!

Therefore, more wood is being worked into forms to create wonderful Artisan bread.
But first...
Just talking about the bread and having the mouth water thinking about it I am off to the kitchen to work on some great wheat loaves right is so simple I will be back in the shop very soon.

The grain pattern of this coastal maple used in this project really popped when I applied the food grade mineral oil after it was scraped and fine sanded. The front lip of the board will be sanded down to create a thin front to assist in moving the bread on and off the board.

This board is around a 12 inch square paddle with a 6-7 inch handle and is around 3/8 inch thick. Very light weight and easy to handle. It is used to shape the loaves on and slide them onto the hot stone which is pre-heated in the oven.

I am really pleased with this and sure it will be a hard one to keep on the shelves....

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