Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custom Cribbage Boards for Deschutes Brewery....UPDATE!!

The drilling has began...with only around 5,000 holes to be drilled...each one of them one at a the process slows down just a bit.......The rest is a slow process. Once all the holes are drilled the surface is lightly sanded and a final finish coat will be applied.
The back slots have already been routed out and the metal slide still has to be created.

Once this is done I will brand each board with my custom logo on the back and prepare for shipping.

Back to the drill press in the morning.... each board is taking me around 10 minutes to setup and that means I have about 8 hours steady drilling to move on to the next stage of this process......Stay tuned......update to follow......

Polyethylene coating is being applied and drilling will start soon.. I apply the poly before the drilling to make the holes come out more successful. This minimizes the holes tearing out from the drilling. These boards are being made out of a local fir and is a very soft wood.

Work has began on another series of custom cribbage boards for the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.

Using their corporate logo as a shape this board has progressed from there.

Here is the prototype that was created for the layout of the board. Corel Draw 12 was used to create this template, so the curves of the logo could be followed.

The logo and the track pattern were burned onto this piece of fiberboard using an
Epilog laser.

The pattern will then be drilled onto a steel template for creating the boards.

The logo's are being lasered and the process continues. These boards are ready for sanding and then a couple coats of a hard poly finish. Once that has setup, then the drilling of the track can begin.

To be continued....................

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lady Bug Box Style Cribbage board...UPDATE.

Here we are...the Lady Bug has emerged in all its glory...

We are one step closer.

The track has been drilled and now the Lady Bug will be lasered on the top.

The inside pockets for the cards and pegs have been drilled out.

This is being created as a just because present for a client. It is being made out of Bloodwood(named for the color only to give us the red body of a Lady Bug.

The lady bug will be lasered into the wood and the spots will be darkened to give the impression of being black. Selecting the boards for glue-up went well. here it is before applying the glue and clamps.

This is a photo of what the Lady bug will look like. The track will run on both sides and across the right end of board.
I know it may be hard to imagine now, but I think it will come out very cool.

Here the glue and clamps have been applied. This wood comes in smaller sizes I had to glue boards up to make the size i needed.

The clamps have come off, one of these will be the top of the box and the other will be the bottom.

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Glacier National Park Centennial

I have received approval to create wood products using the Centennial logo. Here is one sample that I am working on.
There will be other projects with the Centennial logo created, but those plans are currently in th3e planning stages. If you have a special request please let me know what it is.

The logo has been lasered on to a shape of the State of Montana. There will be a cribbage track drilled in the top and right of the board.

For all sales of items with this logo 5% of the price will go back to the Centennial fund to help Glacier National Park.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Montana State Shape 4 Person Cribbage Board is headed to Billings, Montana

Here is a custom Montana shape 4 person cribbage board with a lasered photo of a Glacier National Park Grizzly.

This is an actual photograph of a grizzly bear cub taken in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park by Bob Chin. The photo was lasered onto the hard maple using an Epilog laser.

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Hard Maple Strip Cutting Board

The creation of this board as you can see is being done out of hard maple strips creating a width of around 16 inches, length of 20+inches and thickness of 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches.

The strips have been cut and turned and they will be glued up face to face. This eliminate the warping of the board and makes a very stable surface.

The next step is to run each piece through the thickness planer to make sure that the surface are flat and will get a good glue seal.

As usual when finished, this is the food grade mineral oil I use to preserve each and every board that I create.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big Cutting Board heading to Berkley, Califorinia.......... UPDATE

This is the after photo with the new cutting board in place.

"Picked up cutting board from Fed Exp on Saturday. "Very nice work and we're quite pleased." Thanks Howard
Berkeley, California

This is the before shot of the old cutting board. It sits in a custom counter top where an indent has been made to contain the board and allow it to slide up and down the counter. This contains the board nicely and it can easily be moved near or away from the sink.

The new cutting board being created out of 8/4 hard maple is 20 3/4 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 1 3/8 inches thick and weights in at 15 pounds.
It will replace the well used one in the first photo. Here it is in clamp up stage. Because of the size and weight I slotted and glued biscuits to assist in holding this big boy together.

This is after it has been cleaned up and oiled for the first time.

This is the food grade mineral oil that I use to preserve and protect my boards.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Custom 28 inch Pizza peel shipped and received at Nana's and Papa's

This giant pizza peel has been completed, shipped and received by Nana's and Papa's in Illinois. It was created out of birch and had a 28 inch x 28 inch paddle with a 20 inch handle. We are awaiting photos of it in action and will post when they are received.

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