Friday, April 17, 2009

Lady Bug Box Style Cribbage board...UPDATE.

Here we are...the Lady Bug has emerged in all its glory...

We are one step closer.

The track has been drilled and now the Lady Bug will be lasered on the top.

The inside pockets for the cards and pegs have been drilled out.

This is being created as a just because present for a client. It is being made out of Bloodwood(named for the color only to give us the red body of a Lady Bug.

The lady bug will be lasered into the wood and the spots will be darkened to give the impression of being black. Selecting the boards for glue-up went well. here it is before applying the glue and clamps.

This is a photo of what the Lady bug will look like. The track will run on both sides and across the right end of board.
I know it may be hard to imagine now, but I think it will come out very cool.

Here the glue and clamps have been applied. This wood comes in smaller sizes I had to glue boards up to make the size i needed.

The clamps have come off, one of these will be the top of the box and the other will be the bottom.

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