Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custom Cribbage Boards for Deschutes Brewery....UPDATE!!

The drilling has began...with only around 5,000 holes to be drilled...each one of them one at a the process slows down just a bit.......The rest is a slow process. Once all the holes are drilled the surface is lightly sanded and a final finish coat will be applied.
The back slots have already been routed out and the metal slide still has to be created.

Once this is done I will brand each board with my custom logo on the back and prepare for shipping.

Back to the drill press in the morning.... each board is taking me around 10 minutes to setup and that means I have about 8 hours steady drilling to move on to the next stage of this process......Stay tuned......update to follow......

Polyethylene coating is being applied and drilling will start soon.. I apply the poly before the drilling to make the holes come out more successful. This minimizes the holes tearing out from the drilling. These boards are being made out of a local fir and is a very soft wood.

Work has began on another series of custom cribbage boards for the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.

Using their corporate logo as a shape this board has progressed from there.

Here is the prototype that was created for the layout of the board. Corel Draw 12 was used to create this template, so the curves of the logo could be followed.

The logo and the track pattern were burned onto this piece of fiberboard using an
Epilog laser.

The pattern will then be drilled onto a steel template for creating the boards.

The logo's are being lasered and the process continues. These boards are ready for sanding and then a couple coats of a hard poly finish. Once that has setup, then the drilling of the track can begin.

To be continued....................

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