Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Custom 28 inch Pizza peel started for Nana's & Papa's Pizzeria in Illinois

Watch the growth of another custom peel take place. Typically the layout and thought process is a slow one. The large 28 inch pizza's which will be created on this peel are anxiously awaiting it arrival.

Here is the pile of selected birch lumber which I chose to create this peel.

The full dimension lumber has been resawed into 3/8' board thickness to create the peel.

Then the individual boards are cut to desired width and length.

This peel will end up with a 28 inch x 28 inch paddle and a 20 inch handle.

When selecting and laying out the pieces I try and either match the grain pattern

or create contrasting patterns depending on the wood I have to work with.
It is important that the boards are laid out correctly to avoid warping of the peel. Therefore I try and alternate the direction of the grain to create a counter balance.

The handle and center board is left at full 1 inch thickness to provide extra support when handling these monster pizzas. The bottom edges will be rounded over and flow into the rest of the paddle.

I took this photo to show the actual width of this peel. The little outside wood strips is a jig i created to monitor the peel width.

(Select photo for larger view.)

For more information about ordering your own custom board go to:
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