Monday, December 7, 2009

Custom speaker making mold.....UPDATED>>>

This project is being created to use in the building of custom stereo speakers. Once it is turned on the lathe it will assist in curling the ends of 6 inch PVC pipe when heated and pressure is applied.

It is being made out of Ash because of the hardness of the wood.  We will see if my glue joints hold up.  It is also being shipped to Kansas, lets hope the humidity doesn't cause the wood  to change too much.
Here I have angled the sides a bit to make it easier to turn  it on the lathe and to have less material to take off.

It has a 12 inch x 12 inch base and is  8 inches high. This chunk of wood is weighting in at over 20 pounds.

This photo shows  it out of glue up, placed on a faceplate and mounted on the lathe for turning.

This was a slow process because of the size and weight of this piece.  I had to swing the headstock to the outside so I could turn the large 12 inch base.
 In the beginning I had to run the lathe on the slowest speed to keep the lathe on the bench.

The turning  progressed very slowly, but as you can see is coming along quite well.  Well perhaps you can't tell because you don't know what the finished project is suppose to look like.

The center is being turned to a diameter of around 6 inches, which as you can see in the next photo is the inside dimensions  of the 6 inch PVC pipe which is used to make the speaker cones.

The PVC pipe is 6 inches Schedule 80. The bottom  of  the pipe will be heated at the bevel area and pressure will be applied from the top of the pipe causing the pvc to create a cone.  We will see if our theory works and the wood will hold up.

This piece is on its way to Kansas to be tested out.  I hope to post photos of it in action. Check back soon for updated photos.

THE MOLD IN ACTION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Here is the mold in action.... First photo shows the PVC pipe being used for speaker has been placed over a lubricated column.

Heat is applied at the bottom near the bevel....while heavy pressure is applied at the top of the pipe

Once the pipe reaches the specfic temp needed to make it pliable.. you can see the cone begins to take place.

Here is the front side of the bevel which will become the speaker cone.  The builder said he was able to put lots of pressure on it and it held up just fine.

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