Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Custom Walnut Cutting Board

This custom cutting is made out of Dark Walnut and and is 12 inches wide  x 20 inches long and 1 inch thick.

Per clients request the edges were rounded on both side and as you can see really came out nice.

One of the top comments boards like this generate is:
"This board is too pretty to cut on"
I use a food grade mineral oil finish the well sanded surfaces. The beauty and the toughness of the wood, along with the proper care will allow this board to shine and be usable for years to come.

The following care instructions are provided with every board we make.
Recommended Care Instructions: We highly
recommend oiling your Cutting Board frequently. Over
time oiling will preserve and protect woodenware from
splitting and cracking. Wash your board with a mild detergent,
Do not allow it to soak. Dry your board and apply
an even amount of a food safe mineral oil with a soft
cloth. Remove any excess oil.

Do not use any kind of vegetable or olive oil as they tend
to turn rancid. Your Cutting Board is not dishwasher compatible.

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