Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Grizzly photo on four person Cribbage Boards

This is the provided photo we started with...Taken by Bob Chinn while hiking in Glacier National Park. We will use this photos to create two boards for this client.

Bob has graciously allowed me to use his photos on other boards I have created. (see example) and future boards I will create for display for sale at art shows and on my website.

If you have that special photo you really like, let us turn it into a custom item, which will last for generations. (Click on photos for enhanced view)

This photo has special memories to him and the person who will receive the cribbage boards as a gift.  It will be a learning experience for all because they will be learning how to play the game of cribbage, while having memories of meeting this guy in Glacier National Park.

The lasering machine will only do black and white images, so we had to convert and crop the photo for use. This is the image shape we will use on the cribbage boards,

These boards are being made out of hard maple and will have a four person track drilled on each board. The photo will be lasered in the upper left hand side of the board.

This is a closeup shot of just the lasering of the bear.  The details of the Grizzly are incredible. You almost feel like you are meeting him face to face on the trail like Bob did.

The lasering has been completed and as you can see it came out really well.  I have to lightly sand the photo and add some finish which with other boards has enhanced the photo. We will see what happens with this one.

This is a photo of the whole board.  The dark circle around the finish hole is a piece of inlaid walnut.  I think it really adds a nice touch. Now the edge will be routed and the slot on the back to hold the pegs will be created, then final sanding and these boards will be ready to be on their way.

Here is the finished two cribbage boards which will be on their way to Illinois on Monday morning. The photo really popped out nice when the finish was applied.  These boards will be treasured for many years to come.

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