Friday, January 14, 2011

Splinters Woodworks Shop Expansion

Finally I have put together a short presentation of the shop expansion project. It is my first video so bear with me.   : )      Enjoy!!

It has been a wild ride this past year.... The shop expansion was closed in last summer during a very busy year for orders and shows and is still working towards completion. I have saddled up the horses for another ride....(ok ...I really don't have any horses, but the equipment has been cleaned and warmed up and getting accustomed to their new space)....I still have a lot to do to finish the shop, but then it is possible that changes and upgrades will never least I hope so...

The following video is comprised of a set of photos I took during the building process.  I have had several requests for me to post it, but due to work load have been unable to put anything together until now.  Now that it is winter and the pace has slowed a little bit, I have put them into a video format to share with you.
It is so nice to have a shop where all of my equipment has a spot and I now have a separate finish room as well as a office space.

Thank you for your back to work here.....  :=)


Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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