Monday, October 18, 2010

Surprise.....a new game

The surprise game board is being created for a client in Southern California.  It will be played a bit like cribbage with variations (I think).

They have not come up with a name for their game yet.  The blank area below the finish hole will be where we laser it once they arrive at a name.

The board has been shipped and the client liked it a lot.  They now will work on a marketing ploy.
Their goal is to have me manufacture this board for them.

We will see how it goes...

Here are the two back slots created to hold the large amount of pegs required for this game.

Finally...we believe the surprise game board is nearing production.  Here is the prototype I will ship to the client for their final decision on the product.

It was cut out of native birch and is 13 3/4 inches long,  6 3/4 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.

  This is a major changes in the design...The board is being cut and drilled currently and should be ready for the client to start showing it around to create interest.

This is a new board game that was designed by a client in southern California.  I created this using very specific guidelines from the designer.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-)

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