Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Custom Walnut - Mahagany pizza peels

Here one is in glueup

I was contacted by a client who is working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  He wanted a couple custom pizza peels to use with his portable pizza oven.
 He chose to make out of  Walnut/Mahogany, with  one being 12.5" wide and the other one 14.5" wide each with additional 2 feet for the handle.

Wood selection was made and the process begins.

The clamps are now off and the scraping, shaping, & sanding  begins.  

These two woods should go well together and when oiled will look very nice.  Sometimes you don't know until that first coat of food grade mineral oil is applied.
Here is the finished products.  They really came out nice, he will have a hard time using these to cook on.

Hi Dave,

You're right.  I love them.  Almost to the point of not wanting to put food on them.  Gorgeous wood!  Thank you.
Still looking for mineral oil though.  I'll probably just order some online.



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