Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom Lower Michigan Shaped Cribbage Board Table

This custom shape cribbage board table top was created in the shape of Lower Michigan.
This project was a interesting and challenging one to work on.  The  2 feet high legs had to be strategically placed to create a solid base for the table.  The irregularly shaped top which measured in around 18 inches wide and 24 inches long made this fun.
The cribbage track was custom drilled to hold  larger than normal 3/16 inch custom metal pegs.

Dark walnut was used in this project finished off with a hand rubbed polyerthane.

Finish has been applied and it is ready to ship.

The legs were glued and screwed with the hole being plugged with a contrasting wood.

End view 

Custom top shape of Lower Michigan.

Computer created layout and shape of cribbage board.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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