Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Future location of Splinters

Along with the normal process and fun of running a successful business there comes a time in all woodworkers lives when one must expand, which leads me to this project and to this blog. I am working on plans/costs to build a new woodworking shop this spring/summer/fall. We have been able to purchase the lot next to ours here in these beautiful north woods and as soon as the wonderful cover of snow melts and drys we will be moving in to scope out the lay of the land to decide where to pour the foundation/driveway/power etc…...

My goal would be to at least have the foundation poured and the outside structure closed in before next winter begins. Any offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Currently I am working out of a small shop in the back of our garage, which has now spread into one of the car stalls in the front. In building this shop I will be able to actually put my vehicles in out of the weather in the garage. Not to mention being able to spread my equipment out a bit in the new shop and have dedicated areas for the different steps in the process of custom woodworking.

Here is a photo of a before the action starts and then I will follow the progress of the land prep and construction with additional photos and entries.

The trees in the front will remain to provide privacy from the road. I will cut a drive in where it best fits and have it circle around and exit through my current driveway to the house. This is to allow ease for getting trucks and trailers in and out easily.
Some of my initial thoughts are to make the shop footprint of somewhere in the neighborhood of 30×40 feet, 10 foot walls, overhang on each side for storage and multiple access points. With a 12/4 pitch there will also be space available for storage above. I would like to install radiant heat within the concrete slab which will be heated by some sort of external heat source. Any thoughts or suggestions here?
For now i must get back into the shop and make some money to afford this dream. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed as I go through this process.

To be continued….....

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