Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deschutes Brewery Cribbage Boards....etc

The second Deschutes Cribbage Boards order has been completed and is on its way. They really turned out nice, and unfortunately I forgot to take photos as I was too focused to get them shipped.

Next pending orders of business are:

Six customized pizza peels for a client in Illinois,

This is the prototype of the first one glued and in clamp. It is being made out of birch and will be 18 inches x 18 inches with a 7 inch handle.

Three large cribbage boards for individual for a farmers market clients. This is the top and the bottom of one of them while being sanded and before the hinges are put on, and the finish applied.

Custom Blue Board cribbage board in shape of a bass for a farmers market client,
Custom walnut box,
Custom Walnut kitchen table.

I hope to post photos and progress of the pizza peel and large cribbage board later tonight. Oh and also during all that process I have to create more stock for upcoming markets/shows. Guess I better head back to the shop and get busy. Will be another long night...but I am having fun...

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