Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pizza Peels for new pizzeria in Roselle, IL

This is one of the latest project being worked on here in the shop. It is the first of six custom pizza peels for a new pizza place in Illinois.

It was created by gluing up 1/2 inch thick pieces of birch creating a 18 inch square paddle and a seven inch handle. The joints were glued together using wooden biscuits to give a stronger joint. Birch was chosen because it is a lighter weight wood and has worked well in previous projects.

This is the peel being glued and clamped

This is a bit hard to see but it is the business end of the bevel. The edges are 1/2 inch thick on both sides with the center beveled down to about 1/8 of a inch.

After sanding the custom bevel grove which runs about the last 8 inches of the board in a triangle shape. The bevel which is deeper near the end is to allow the easy transfer of the pizza onto the cooking surface of the oven. Once all the sanding and shaping was done I cleaned and applied a food grade mineral oil to protect the surface and preserve the wood.

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