Monday, June 23, 2008

Pizza Peels are making me hungry!!!

Getting close to finishing up the order of six peels this week and shipping them off to Illinois. Knowing that there will soon be some awesome pizza's created on these peels are making me hungry.

These peels have 18 inch x 18 inch paddle with a 7 inch handle. I made these peels out of birch also, but also have one glued up out of maple to compare.

It is a fun and rewarding process to choose the wood patterns and then working them into size and shape. Once complete the peels will be oiled with a food grade mineral oil and they are ready to use.

I have another order in progress to be shipped to Florida...It is a little bit bigger to say the least. It has a 28 inch x 28 inch paddle with a 24 inch handle. More to follow on this super peel.
This peel is made out of birch and is shaping up nicely.

It will take a strong person to pick this up loaded with a pizza.

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