Friday, December 26, 2008

Custom Hickory Cutting Board with Walnut ends

This 12 inch wide by 16 inch long cutting board was created using 1 inch Hickory for the center

Walnut strips were used for the breadboard ends. Wood biscuits were inserted in the ends during glue up to create a strong bond between the two woods. As on all my cutting boards a quality food grade mineral oil was applied to preserve the wood. It was created for a friend to give to her dad for Christmas. She was very excited to see the outcome of her idea.

This photo shows the finger grove I routed in the ends to make it easier for the use to pick the board up.

Next up on the project list: Two large Cherry Cribbage boards 28 inches long and 8 inches wide and a large version of this board...24 inch x 24 inch... stay tuned I hope everyone is having a joyful holiday season...Thanks for everyones support and patience....
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