Thursday, August 6, 2009

Custom boxes........Shelf....other shop activities

My favorite sanding elf, quality assurance inspector and best friend diligently at work..... keeping me in line on the quality of the finished products.
Here she is scrutinizing items for an up coming show and sending back a couple of boards to be reworked.

This is the first set of two custom birch boxes being created for a client in Maryland.

This custom corner shelf is on its way to a client in Washington State. to being installed to hold trophy's as well as other personal items .

Different view....

This is a stack of fish cutouts which will become cribbage boards. Currently we have trout and Walleye fish types.

Here we have a variety of different projects being worked on.

This one thinks she is the queen and controller of the Splinters household.....she insisted that I put her photo up of her favorite morning spot...

More on up coming projects soon as well as photos of the Huckleberry art show..

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