Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pizza Peel for Truby's Woodfired Pizza....

We are creating a custom pizza peel for Trubys Woodfired Pizza.

This first photo shows the peel in glueup with clamps.
Finished it will be around 3/16 inch thick, have a 16 inch paddle with a 9 inch handle.

It is being made out of a locally harvested birch, which was obtained at RBM lumber in Columbia Falls.

Here it is out of clamps, cut to shape and being molded to finished size and shape.

My wonderful sanding elf is sanding the beveled edge on the peel for the easy moving of the pizza's in and out.

Here is the finished product. Once completed I apply a generous coat of food grade mineral oil to help preserve the wooden pizza peel.

This peel was hand delivered and received well by the client. They liked it so much they are planning on ordering 5 more peels.

I work hard to create a quality product for all my clients.

For more information about ordering your own custom board go to:
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