Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giant pizza peel being created for The Wander Inn in Long Island New York.......UPDATE

This peel is completed and being packed for shipment.
Very soon it will be preparing those large 28+ inch pizza's being created at the Wander Inn in New York.

This large custom Pizza peel is being created for he Wander inn in Long Island New York. It measures in with a over 28 inch square paddle and a two foot handle.

Here is the initial glue up as the project begins. using pieces of a local birch they are biscuited together and clamped for 24 hours to achieve a strong bond.

Here is the backer board being sized up prior to glue up.
With the weight of a 28 inch pizza the handle and back of peel is made stronger by adding a strip of one inch thick wood.

This is gluing the backer board to the handle and a portion of the paddle.

The blue tape marks the edges of the valley which I put in each board to ensure the pizza has a smooth transition valley to slide into the oven.

Now the handle has been cut to shape and the planing and sanding begins to shape the handle and paddle to the final shape.

More to follow later...now back to the shop for me.

For more information about ordering your own custom board go to:
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