Monday, April 5, 2010

Custom Cherry Pizza Peel

Work has just been completed on this custom cherry pizza peel as a anniversary gift for a clients spouse.

The first coat of food grade mineral oil is drying and it will be shipped to its new home in Alaska soon.

The lettering near the base of the handle on the front was done using a Epilog laser system.

This awesome peel was made out of Cherry per the clients request.  It is the first one I have done out of cherry and it turned out really well.  It should preform very nicely in the making of all types of pizzas.

The handle is around 9 inches x 3/4 inch that is tapered down to a 16 inch paddle with around a 1/8 inch tip. There will be a leather strap tied through the hole drilled into the top of the handle.

Using a side grinder I create a valley in the center of the board to allow the pizza to slide easily off.  Typically, the center of the tip is around the 1/8 inch  and the outside edges around 3/8 inch.

It really feels nice and balanced to hold and will create many wonderful pizzas.

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