Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Large Custom Four Person Hard Maple Cribbage Board

This Custom Cribbage Board will be made out of hard maple and is being made for a specific request of a client in Wisconsin. This is a second request of a  re-creation of the board that has been played on in their family for years.

The board will be 26 inches long and 11 inches wide. It is a four person board and will have a slot on the back to hold the custom metal pegs when not in play.

 I created this based on the input from my client. Using CorelDraw to lay this drawing out and design gives me great freedom to basically create any board design I want to create or re-create.

Once it is formatted  a ShopBot CNC router will be used  to drill the holes, router the guidelines and do the lettering on the board. The edging and the slot on the back for pegs will be done with a basic router. I will apply a hand rubbed polyurethane finish once the final sanding has been completed.

This board is different and actually is something I have heard a lot of comments about at shows,  markets and from web inquiries.  Folks have trouble following their track around the board. This design will have engraved lines between each track and with the groups of five also separated.  In the future I will include this style as both a regular or custom item.  I think it would really add class to inlay a different color wood in as the guidelines.

In addition, the client has requested that triple S's be placed between holes 30 and 35 for triple skunk, double S's be placed between holes 60 and 65 for double skunk, and one S be placed between 90 and 95 for a standard skunk. " Start" has been added after the home pegholes and "I WIN" at the pegout hole.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-)

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