Sunday, September 26, 2010

Custom Pizza Peels being created for Tomatina International, located near San Francisco CA...

The peels have been completed and are being packed for shipping to their new home in California.

There is 4 @ 21 x 24 inch peels and 2 @ 18 x 24 inch peels.  They all have around a four foot handle.

All six peels were cut into the basic shape today and tonight.  Now the time consuming process of sanding and final shaping of each one, one at a time. 

Here is the first 18 inch peel.  It has been cut to basic shape and now the sanding and molding begins. The top of the handle will be rounded over with a hole drilled and a leather strap tied in to hang it with.

Here is the four 21 inch peels, tomorrow they will all be cut to shape and then wait their turn in the sanding and shaping process.

Here are the two 18 inch peels.  The left one has begun the process and has been cut to basic shape..

Here is a shot of all 6 peels. This shipment will be a big one.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow..


21 inch peel in glue up

Third and Fourth peels are in glue up.
18 inch peel in glue up

The scraping begins

Scraping and shaping has begun on the first peel.
First two peels with the clamps off

First two peels out of glue up
Second 21 inch peel in glue up

Second peel in glue up
First 21 inch peel in glue up

First 21 inch peel in glue up.  The boards and clamps hold the boards flat ad together the drying process of glue up. 

Beginning stack of Birch lumber.
Dry lay out of two of the custom peels.
This custom order will soon be going  to their new home at Tomatina International located near San Francisco, California.

I start with this stack of birch lumber, out of which we will create a total of 6 custom peels.  The peels will end up as two different sizes.

First we will have four peels which will have a paddle size of 24 inches long and 21 inches wide, with a handle 41 inches long.

Second there will be two more peels 24 inches long  and 18 inches wide, with a handle also of 41 inches long.

This will make the peels at over five feet long from end to end.

Boards being planed to proper thickness

Once we cut the boards which will be used to make up these six peels to size they are planed to the proper 3/8 inch thickness.

The center board is allowed to stay at the full thickness of the board so we can mold a nice thick handle to support the pizza's that will be made on them.

Once everything is the correct size we will start the gluing process.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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