Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Custom Cribbage Board Maple/w/ bloodwood and steel

This order is a present for the clients dad who just retired from a job as a metalworker.  It will be a four person board with special inlays.

The main board will be made out of hard maple and have a 3/4 strip of blood wood run down the long ways with a 3/4 inch strip of steel going across the width.

This is the drawing I came up with using CorelDraw and the clients preferences.

This is the steel strip which the client made to be inlayed into the board.

My client wanted this to be a special board and asked to combine wood and metal into this board design.  They designed and created the metal strip for me to be inlayed into the board.

This was the first layout with the bloodwood, steel inlay strip and track layout...

Now to drill the holes and layout the dado's for the inlays.

The dado's have been cut and  the strip put in place.

Front of finished custom cribbage board

Back of custom cribbage board
Lasered custom logo

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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