Friday, September 2, 2011

Custom Walnut Pizza Peel

It arrived! Thank you so much, it's so rare to run into good people especially willing to go the extra mile.
You didn't have to cram in our job, but you did, and we are very thankful.
It looks beautiful, and can't wait to wrap it and give it to him. I'll be sending people your way in the future as someone that delivers a great product and great to work with.
Thank you for everything,

The request for this pizza peel/paddle comes from the the heartland of the Midwest, Lee's Summit, Missouri and is being created as a birthday present for the clients father.

This peel is being made out of  1/2 inch thick dark walnut and is 15 1/2 inches wide by 16 inches tall, with the overall length being 32 inches.   A hole was drilled in the top end of the handle and a leather strip was tied in so the peel could be hung up.  The front edge has a 3 inch bevel to be able to work with the pizza. It was engraved with an Epilog laser using Occidental font.

This custom peel is is coated with a food grade mineral oil finish which we recommend for all of our peels.
Recommended Care Instructions:

We highly recommend oiling your custom pizza peel frequently.
Over time oiling will preserve and protect woodenware from
splitting and cracking.  Wash peel with a mild detergent,
not allowing the board to soak.  Dry the board, and apply
an even amount of a “food safe mineral oil” with a soft
cloth.  Remove any excess oil.

Do not use any kind of vegetable or olive oil as they tend
to turn rancid.
Your pizza peel is not dishwasher compatible.

Enjoy your custom pizza peel

Food grade applied to finished peel
Close up of the lasered lettering and box

Personalized laser engraving added.

Glue and blue protective tape removed and sanding begins.

Out of glue up.

Chosen boards cut to size and in glue up.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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