Thursday, November 3, 2011

------------- Ag Fest 2011---------------- Custom Cutting Board Trophies

This client came to me looking for a quality product which could serve as a trophy and also be functional, and they wanted them to be custom made in the USA.  I am thankful they found and chose me to create their trophy's for this years event. I think they will be very pleased with their product.

The boards are being created out of  7/4 hard maple and will be finished using a food grade mineral oil.

Two first place trophies with handle, logo, lettering, and juice groove. 24 inches long x 18 inches wide.

Two second place trophies with handle, logo and lettering 18 inches long x 12 wide.

Six smaller boards with logo and and juice groove to be handed out at the event. These boards were 12 inch long x 8 inch wide

 The different colors are because they came from different pieces of wood.

Ag Fest is an Agricultural Festival that includes a large trade show held at the DeSoto County Turner Agri-Civic Center in Arcadia, Florida

24 x 18 boards Lasered and ready for sanding

18 x 12 Boards Lasered and ready for sanding
12 x 8 cutting Boards with logo and some lettering.

practice lasering of logo
 Here are photo's of the finished products:

24 x 18 just after being cut out and routed.

18 x 12 just after being cut out and routed.

8 x 12 just after being cut out and routed.

24 x 18

18 x 12

12 x 8

24  18 in glue-up

The pattern submitted by the client.

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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