Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Custom Four Person Dark Walnut Box Style Cribbage Board

This custom box style cribbage board was made for a client in Massachusetts as a birthday present for their brother.  The chosen wood was dark walnut and they wanted me to use a piece of wood with a lot of grain pattern in it and then top it with a hand rubbed satin finish to allow the grain to show through.  I think the wood I chose meets that request well and turned out awesome.

Dimensions for this project were 16 inches long x 8 inches wide and 2 inches thick. The bottom section was the same size and had pockets created to hold a deck of cards and the custom metal pegs that come with each custom board.

Finished top of the board with engraved initials in bottom right corner.

Finished inside of the box

Custom  hinges

Back from laser and ready for next step

Lasering is done

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
For more information about ordering your own custom board go to: http://www.splinterswoodworks.com/
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