Monday, December 16, 2013

Custom Two Person Anchor Cribbage Board

Custom cribbage board created out of dark walnut with the anchor being made out of hard maple and is

12 inches wide and 15 1/2 inches long..

The back board measured in at 16 inches wide and 18 1/2 inches long.  The anchor was attached on top of the walnut to help it stand out.

The lasered logo was chosen by the client and  reads as follows.

"You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground,

I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds."

Finished project.

Anchor glued up and ready for finishing.
Storage slot for custom metal pegs

Gluing the anchor to the back board

Quote has been lasered on

Close up of quote

The anchor cur and drilled.

The CNC drilling and cutting the shape

One of these will be inlayed in the top of the anchor.

Designed layout of board in CorelDraw

Client sample layout.....

Stay tuned for more updates soon......:-) ****************************************************************
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