Thursday, March 13, 2008

Future Shop...Continued

Weather has begun the slow melt off of the winters deposits very s...l...o...w...l...y... At the rate we are going we may see ground by the fourth of July.
Planning and thought process continues on the new shop building. It is hard not to get excited...however I know this will be a slow the mean time I keep on plugging away in the current shop working on fairly steady inquiries.
I was reminded of a xmas project last week(which I had not forgotten...but I know they thought I had) which is to turn a pepper grinder on the lathe. Gosh she only asked for it four years ago...and I did get the insides for it and the plans and all that. I thought I was doing pretty good....however she didn't see it that way... Unforunately the headstock of my Shopsmith is not cooperating... making it impossible to use the lathe. I have slowly brought the power stands for all the other accessories that I have (bandsaw, jointer, planer)...but there is no such thing for the lathe. Shopsmith wanted me to ship them my headstock and an open ended credit card before they would look at it. Not even able to give me a estimate..For some odd reason I haven't felt comfortable doing that. What probably will happen is I will sell the shopsmith for scrap and buy a nice new lathe...or I could give it a float test in one of our lakes....However so far I haven't been able to find the extra grand$ for a new lathe. I asked for one for my birthday..however was told I had already asked for a new shop...make my mind which one do I want....sheesh

The land we just obtained is heavily forested and needs to be thined for fire suppresion... so it might be possible to sell some of the timber and use the proceeds to pay for the new shop...Again we have to wait for the snow to depart before we can go in and inventory the trees..

Well back to the shop...until next time......Have a great day!
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