Friday, November 14, 2008

Lake Wenatchee Cribbage Board

Production is in the start up stages for a three person cribbage board.

It will have this photo and the words Lake Wenatchee lazered in the center.

This is the boards which will make up the board. The base will be made out of the darker walnut with two inlays of maple running parallel lengthwise, with the holes between the inlays.

Slot has been routered in board in preparation for the inlays.

Inlays being cut on table saw.

Inlays being run through planer to size them to fit the slots.

Inlays going into slot.

Inlays are in place, glued and clamped.

This is the board with the inlays glued in place and ready for sanding and shaping.

Once the board is completed I will rout on all four sides and create a slot on the back to hold the custom pegs.

To be continued....stay tuned!!!
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