Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Large Pizza Peel for Paizano's Pizza ships....

This peel ended up with a 24 inch long handle and a approximately 27 1/2 inch paddle. The box shipping weight on this creation topped the scales at around 22 pounds, however I am sure I over packed this peel to ensure that it arrived in one piece, a lot of that weight was packaging.
Soon this pizza peel will be holding the giant hand tossed 24 inch pizza's created by Paizano's Pizza. I can only imagine how tired one gets while handling a 24 inch pizza loaded with toppings. It will definitely create some upper body strength. Hopefully this larger peel will help balance the load and make it easier to handle. Someday I will make it by and to sample their fare.

This is a front view of the peel. Contrasting colors of birch were used to create the colors you see. Each peel colors come out different and you never know what that is going to be until you add the food grade mineral oil at the end.

This is the back of the Pizza peel, where the handle is twice as thick as the paddle to give some added resistance when it is loaded down.
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