Thursday, October 2, 2008

Custom Pizza Peel "Charred in Scarsdale"

The unexpected trip to Seattle and stay there threw a monkey wrench into my progress. Having now returned finding my shop in complete disarray, I have made time to organize and extend my shop size. Trust me it was very necessary.
This is almost to completion now and I have also been trying to work on projects at the same time. I also had to work on getting firewood ready for the upcoming winter. (hmm didnt that just end?)
Anyhow..I am moving right along and hope to have some sort of schedule for pending projects soon.

This custom peel is currently in progress for a client in Connecticut. The lettering has been laser engraved, the hole in the handle has been drilled and the peel has been cut to the finished size. Now the fun part begins...the sanding and shaping of the peel.

More to follow on additional projects soon.. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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