Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shop Enhancements

For some time I have been making do space wise in the shop. Trying to work out of a cramped space has been a bit of a challenge and one which I knew I had to change.
I had hoped to have a new shop built and moved into by this fall..however time, money and life's events will not allow that to happen this year.. So for now I will keep on keeping on...
This is the expanded section that I just finished building, allowing me to create a more productive ahop area.

These next two photos show the space where most everything was used before. This required me to move equipment to use other equipment...etc. Very time consuming. Hopefully the expansion allows me to have a bit more room to work in. I know you never have enough work space, and the more you do or try to do the more space you want. So for now I will be satisfied with what I have and get back to work.

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