Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter heat source stockpile...getting closer

Fall in the Rockies has been very very busy...as it usually is..

On top of all else going on..it has been my driving desire to stay warm this winter, so I had to make a to do priority list.. That drove me to finishing this first.

Depending on how harsh this winter presents itself I am hoping that this will be enough to at least get my stockpile of firewood started for this winter. Once it is all stacked and split I will have to go out and get some more. With all the Forest Service land around us and inexpensive firewood permits available, all that is required is your manual labor and the time to do it..Now I just have to find the time..

They say you heat yourself three times when you heat with wood.
Once when you collect it;
Once when you split and stack it;
and once when you burn it.

It is still the best for me. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a roaring wood fire one a cold snowy winter day. Not to forget it is a renewable resource and with the new efficient stoves now days not a huge pollution factor.
Remember the dollars spent in this country stays in this country! Buy items made in the USA!

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