Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Large Pizza Peel for Paizano's Pizza

Work has began on a custom pizza peel for Paizano's Pizza in Baker City, Oregon. Follow Splinters exciting journey as another custom peel is created.

The wood chosen for this peel came from a nice clear piece of Birch.

Birch is chosen for its tight grain, appealing look, and durability. This peel will have a 25-26” paddle with an 18-24” handle, and will be used in the creation of Paizano's world famous 24 inch giant pizza's. OK...perhaps not world famous YET...but they will be!

The process continues with pieces of 5 inch wide birch being ripped to around 1/2 inch thick. The handle portion will end up around 3/4 inch thick and then molded to blend into the paddle.

This photo shows the cut to size wood pieces that will be used in this process.

This shows the boards laid out to visualize what the grain will look like.

Then the edges are jointed to ensure a tight bond when they are glued together. Before the gluing begins biscuit joints are placed in the edges of each board to give more stability and strength with the final product.

Once all this is done the peel is dry fitted together to make sure there is a nice tight fit in all the joints.

To be continued.......
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